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Samaschool White Paper Series

Part I: A Primer on Independent Work

The first in our series of three white papers provides an overview of the independent work landscape, including a comprehensive literature review of recent studies on the gig economy and gig workers.

Part II: How Low-Income Jobseekers Use Independent Work

In 2017, Samaschool launched its first survey of program alumni who engaged in independent work on a recurring basis as a result of our program. The survey aims to measure financial impact as well as to understand workers’ experiences and opinions. This paper provides an overview of the people we served in 2017 and offers a deep dive into learnings from the alumni survey.

Part III: The Future of Work is Independent: A Policy Agenda 

The changing nature of work requires government to take action to ensure the gig economy is accessible to all, and that independent workers have the supports and protections they deserve. This paper provides a set of policy recommendations at the federal, state, and local levels to prepare for the rise of freelancing in the U.S.

Samaschool Logitudinal Study White Paper

Low-Income Jobseekers and Independent Work: Longitudinal Study of Samaschool's Alumni

This white paper includes an overview of the alumni served during the study's duration and a deep dive into the key findings from the study. The white paper concludes with recommendations for other workforce development programs who are interested in equipping early career jobs seekers with the skills they need to benefit from independent work.